Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Steal of the Night: Kendrick Perkins

Steal of the Night: Kendrick Perkins
Watch as Kendrick Perkins strips Brendan Haywood and starts a break that culminates in a Kevin Garnett alley-oop on the other end.

Block of the Night: Emeka Okafor
Watch as Emeka Okafor challenges Linas Kleiza on the break and sends back his dunk attempt.

Haier Play of the Day: John Salmons
Watch as John Salmons beats the defense and banks in the dramatic game-winner, ending the Mavs' seven-game winning streak.

Dunk of the Night: Andrew Bogut
Watch as Andrew Bogut rolls off the screen, receives the pass and dunks on Carlos Boozer.

Assist of the Night: Deron Williams
Watch as Deron Williams drops down the behind-the-back pass to Andrei Kirilenko on the break.

NBA Announces Formation of NBA China
David Stern and the NBA announced a new entity, NBA China, showing further progress in globalization of the game.

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