Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The much-needed English-to-Basketball Dictionary

The much-needed English-to-Basketball Dictionary
One of the more interesting things about basketball nutters is the sheer amount of twaddle we subject ourselves to.

From message board posters that haven't got a clue, to national TV talking heads that haven't watched a Timberwolves game in four years, to local TV play-by-play guys who really wish they were calling FOX's fourth-tier Sunday NFL game instead of that night's Jazz/Grizzlies tilt, to current or ex-jocks that shockingly seem to know less about the league than any of the types previously mentioned (combined?), our fandom means we have to listen to a lot of nonsense.

Which is why Mike from Knickerblogger decided to put together a glorious list of everyday words that happen to take on often-nonsensical newish meanings when applied to pro basketball.

We're just going to quote our favorite ...

Winner (n) - A person that was lucky enough to play on a championship team. Today this usually applies to just about anyone who played with Tim Duncan or Shaquille O'Neal.
"Derek Fisher is a great acquisition for Golden State. He's a proven winner." - Bill Walton�

... and let you read the rest.

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