Monday, January 7, 2008

NBA TV Daily: Jan. 6

NBA TV Daily: Jan. 6
Watch highlights from Sunday's eight games, including the Lakers' victory over the Pacers.

Steal of the Night: Antawn Jamison
Stealing leads to trouble. Watch as Antawn Jamison's pick turns into a Caron Butler reverse dunk -- and puts the Sonics on the skids.

The List: Top Stories of the Week
Check out the top 10 storylines from New Year's week, including (as if we could forget) the Lakers' teeny little shorts.

Nuggets 109, Sixers 96 (F)
When Allen Iverson first played against the 76ers, he took shots at them before, during and after the game. This time, he saved his shots for the court.

Iverson Lays 38 on 76ers
Watch Allen Iverson pierce the Sixers' defense Sunday and pop his old team for 38 points for a Nuggets win.

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